How to record neighbor stomping

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Sometimes you will get into the house, and the moment you step inside, you hear your neighbor start walking around.

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Step 2: Wait for the.

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Ways to prevent your Upstairs Neighbor from.


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Carry Out a Background Check on your Neighbour.

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Step 2: Wait for the.

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Do your upstairs neighbors come stumbling home hooched up at 5am and jolt you out of your precious beauty sleep? Well despair no longer - now you can expres.


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Individual rubber sound absorbing mats are available on the market, which you can trim to fit into odd-shaped corners.

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State law giving authority to municipalities to require landowners to keep their property free of weeds, brush and conditions constituting a public nuisance.

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Once you hear those stomping sounds from the upstairs apartment, grab your phone, stand on the stable chair or stool to get close to the source, and start recording.

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It doesn’t matter if you record for 30 seconds or two.

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Once your apartment is dead quiet, you want to take your recording device close.

Step 2: Wait for the.

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Here are easy steps to follow to record noises from your upstairs neighbors: Close All Windows and Doors.

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If you’ve got a noisy upstairs neighbor, your first course of action should always be to talk to them and let them know you’re being disturbed by their stomping.

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Step 4: As Soon as you hear the noise, start recording
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Whether you’re dealing with loud footsteps, thumping bass, or noisy pets, recording the disturbance can be a useful way to address the issue with your landlord or homeowners’
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