Mercury in cancer 12th house

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In extreme situations, this position. It’s how we interact with the world without being conscious of it.


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The native with Sun in the 12th House for Cancer Ascendant cannot accumulate wealth.

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In the present incarnation, life, it is essential for you to be an active part of the community.

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Your planetary chart ruler is Mercury, and where Mercury is by sign, house, and aspect further refines these characteristics.

Virgo Mercury in the 12th House: He has a natural inclination for organization, planning, and problem-solving.

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While the Moon in your 8th House of Tough Topics clashes against chatty Mercury in your.

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26K likes, 428 comments - Alby the Dirtbag Astrologer & Witch (@gnarlyastrology) on Instagram: "Thinking about this classic, because that’s me.


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Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike.

Because Cancer is the sign of the mother and also.

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They are likely to break their spouse's hearts and have a secret affair behind their.

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This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook.


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In this house, Mercury’s energy is distorted, twisting an individual’s perception of the truth.

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Mercury in the 12th House Marriage as per Vedic Astrology.

Sep 27, 2022 · The 12th House is sometimes called the House of Troubles but is also called the House of Hidden Enemies, the House of the Unconscious, and the House of Wisdom, among others.

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Their faces are quite expressive and there is a twinkle in the eye.

The 12th house shows up in our sacrifices, our dreams, our hidden talents, and how we find self-acceptance.

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Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart gives the individual an emotional and sensitive way of communicating.

Mercury in 12th house Love, Marriage, Bed Pleasure, Sex, Loss & Expenditure, Jail, Foreign connection & Resident, :- Mercury in 12th house will make native introvert shy especially in early years of life.

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The native earns wealth from foreign sources.

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These traits are emphasized when planets transit Gemini.

Those with Mercury conjunct the Ascendant come across as youthful, active, and busy.
My 12th house mercury falls in Cancer so maybe that's why it feels like being able to sense other peoples energy and is more emotional than rational
You also love to debate, but you are sometimes bold and impatient
My 12th house mercury falls in Cancer so maybe that's why it feels like being able to sense other peoples energy and is more emotional than rational
Such a placement is already powerful on its own, but then placed in the 12th it becomes even more intense
Marriage horoscope by date of birth is saying there’s a chance of second marriage in their birth chart